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This video explain how Punjab, given the name the “Breadbasket” of india because of its high wheat-producing capabilities is reverting back to using organic means and methods to farm. First of all, as I’m learning in chemistry, synthetic fertilizers have many negative effects to them. They pollute water ways as the nitrogen in them sink below the soil and into underground waterways which then humans drink then causing diseases. Secondly they run off in rain into rivers and then the sea. This can poison the fish and when we eat the fish it in turn poisons us. Lastly the production of inorganic fertilizers put up tonnes of Carbon Dioxide into the air.  The plants that make Ammonia ( a key ingredient in synthetic fertilizer) are great contributors to of green house gasses. So, I’m happy these farmers are going back to old ways and their not earning any less, as said in the video organically grown wheat sells for a higher price per Kilogram as opposed to inorganiccally grown wheat.

 Louisiana Oil Spill

Latest in man-made disasters, this spill was caused off shore Louisiana when a poorly maintained oil rig exploded and sunk, leaving an approximated “5000 barrels a day” amounts of oil polluting the sea. The uncapped opening where the oil rig did its work is leaking oil into the sea. BP, a london based major oil company is responsible for this disaster. It’s not only environmental but also economical. Looking at most of the news reports, it angers me to see that most of the concerns addressed in these articles is bad tourism, poor fishing, higher oil prices. WHAT ABOUT THE ECOSYSTEMS IN THE SEA?It seems as of all people care is about the lost oil and its consequences on the economy. Nothing on the destruction of ecosystems?

This video will clarify this horrible event. BP will do that, BP will do this; can’t they see, damage is already done!?

For More Info:

This is also the site used for the information.


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