Essential Questions

Are YOU part of the POLLUTION or are YOU part of the SOLUTION? 
  •  How are you a part of Nature?
  •  Why is the earth in ecological overdraft? 
  • Eco-economics – is this the answer?
  • What are our responsibilities?
  • What can we do?

Final Assessment of this Unit: Everything Due on May 11th How sustainable is OSC?The questions below can be done as a separate Power Point presentation or as a written part of your BLOG. 

  1. Why is it so important that we act now to save our Environment Suggest how we as individuals can make a change and recommend action that a government could take? 


 2. What is meant by the term ‘environmental overdraft?’ How does it help to use economic terms when dealing with environmental issues?


 I will choose the second question and reflect on it.


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