“Baraka” 7/04/2010-Written On Earth Day 



The End Is Near




To be honest, I didn’t really learn anything from the movie, although it did confirm a developing thoery in thought. Everything we’ve done up to date, I’m talking about the development or progress whatever it shall be called cannot be called development or progress. Yes we have achieved ways of connecting with another individual thousands of miles away with a few simple clicks but we’re all wearing blinders! We’ve been so engaged, preoccupied by this wave of technology we have failed to see what we’re doing to Mother Earth as we click away and sighn on to the World Wide Web or engage ourself in some nature ruinign activity. As Lord Buddha in his time preached that whatever we do will come back to us [Karma] and it will come back to us in right proportion and effect according to our actions. It’s the law of cause and effect and this is exactly what is happening now. I don’t know about other people, but my definition of “progress” or “development” is going forward and being more advance than where one was before. But if you think about the social definition of progress it’s completely twisted to fit what’s happening in the world today. Ask anyone what progress means and they would talk about technological progres and being able to do things faster. Yes that is progress but what about the other part? The part where our ability to do things faster destroys the very Earth we have emerged from, the very Earth we set our feet upon. This whole thing is like a math sum. Let’s say we have 20 dollars[The Earth], and we earn 1 dollar[Technology advancement, cause] but to earn that one dollar we use 2 dollars[effect on nature]. Have we made any ‘profit’ or progress? I think not, we actually have lost money and this symbolizes climate change and the negative effects. This is exactly what is happening with our world today. We advance in technology and at the same time with that advancement we destory the Earth. It’s take two and give one, we’re left in a worse condition than we were before .Unfortunatly for us, we’re not left with the 20 dollars, we’re left in a situation where we’re soon going to be bankrupt. So, I think the message of the movie was “Stop developing, life only gets complicated and as we develop our time comes closer”. We’re closer to being ‘bankrupt’ today in this age than we were ever before.   

-Peace Out. Stay Green, Get Green.     

The 11th Hour” 26/04/2010-Written On Earth Day    

Unlike Baraka, I learned a lot from this movie. It wasn’t one of those movies that goes on about how we’re all doomed because of global warming, it told me that and a lot more about the scientific reasoning behind the beliefs of global warming or now referred to as climate change. I learned the given term for fossil fuels; “Ancient Sunlight”. This intrigued me and proved to me that all energy really does come from the sun. I thought it was pretty cool how the coined the term as ancient sunlight because it really is light energy stored in fossil fuels. Another interesting thing the movie mentioned was the “Goldilocks Effect” meaning that the earth was just right in [much like the choices Goldilocks makes] terms of weather and distance from the sun. There are pretty disturbing images in that movie, seals being cold bloodedly killed for their fur. It’s not right. I was hoping to find more information about the movie on    

Just Doing What We Please

 the internet and I came across a comment somebody had posted, and I couldn’t agree with them more. Here’s the comment: “As much as for what it says, the film is important for how it says it, in a manner that is easy to understand and hard to ignore”-Mike Scott. The film tells us about horror storied we’d like to neglect. I find it stupid how people say ‘I don’t believe in global warming or I believe in global warming”. There is no believe or believe not, it’s definitely going to happen. It’s HAPPENING. Climate change is no religion to believe or not, its reality. In my opinion there should be prison sentences for “Crimes against the environment”. I also hate how people think that individuals can’t make a difference   

-Peace Out. Stay Green, Get Green.  


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